The Automated Email Newsletter

The automated weekly email newsletter system that builds trust with new subscribers on autopilot

It’s no secret.

More trust leads to more sales

“20 out of 22 enrollments came through our newsletter!”

If you want subscribers to buy from you, they first have to know, like, and trust you.

Sending a weekly email newsletter is a smart business move — no matter what online selling strategy you’re using.

That sounds amazing, well, except:

When you’re wearing so many hats in your online business, who has the time to sit down and write emails every single week?!

What if you could build credibility with new subscribers automatically (so that they buy from you) without being shackled to your laptop or chained to your chair?

Yep, it IS possible.

When selling digital products, online courses, and coaching programs, MUCH of the trust-building process with future students, customers, and clients can be automated.


With this simple but strategic email automation.


The Automated Newsletter System

The automated weekly newsletter that lets you build trusted relationships with new subscribers to support your sales goals (without sitting down to write each week)

The Automated Newsletter is

a set-it-and-forget-it email marketing system designed to put building trust and credibility on cruise control

In this guided workshop, learn how to set up a simple but strategic long-term automation that sends a newsletter email to new subscribers every week.

The Automated Newsletter puts your trust-building efforts on autopilot.

Get instant access to step-by-step training, including how-to videos (taught inside ActiveCampaign), copywriting tips, tool tutorials, Q&A support, and more.

And yes, we’ll make it look and feel like a live newsletter so that subscribers won’t know the difference.

Most importantly…

You can customize the strategy, techniques, and tactics in this workshop to support your unique business and sales goals.

It’s perfect for smallish businesses without an in-house marketing department or a dedicated email marketing person — like freelancers, coaches, consultants, and course creators.

Inside this fast-moving workshop, you learn how to...

#1. Send a weekly automated email newsletter (for as long as you want)

Yes, really. As long as you need it to. 8 weeks. 12 weeks. 24 weeks. It’s up to you. Customize this simple but strategic email automation to your business needs. Set it up once. And only touch if you WANT to update it.

#2. Choose the right topics so that you're supporting your sales goals

The topics of your emails determine whether or not this automated newsletter will support your sales goals. I’ll show you how to choose email topics that are grounded in what you sell so that all the work you do pays off later on.

#3. Write compelling emails that subscribers actually want to read

How you write matters too. Your email can only build trust if subscribers first open and then read them. Learn the simple strategies I use as a copywriter to write emails that get more opens and clicks.

#4. Turn more subscribers into customers with this soft-sell strategy

How do you know when you’ve built enough trust so that your subscriber is ready to buy? Great question. Learn the softer selling strategy I’ve used in newsletter emails (with an average 4.5-5% conversion rate) to turn subscribers into customers without sounding overly sales-y.


Get all the tools you need to set up your
automated newsletter at ⚡️⚡️⚡️

👉 Guided Setup Videos. Peek over my shoulder as I guide you step by step through setting up this automation ActiveCampaign.

👉 Automation Basics. Learn the 4 elements you need to make this automation work for you. One specifically makes it feel like a live newsletter.

👉 Easy Import Link. Save time by importing the automation directly into your ActiveCampaign account using a special import link.

👉 Strategic Topic Process. Use this 3-step repeatable process to brainstorm email topics that will support your sales goals.

👉 Instant Inspiration Technique. Use my favorite research technique to find great topics any time you’re out of ideas.

👉 Copywriting Crash Course. Learn the simple strategies I use as a copywriter to write emails that get more opens and clicks.

👉 Soft Sell Strategy. Learn the strategy I’ve used in newsletter emails (with an average 4.5-5% conversion rate) to turn subscribers into customers without sounding overly sales-y.

👉 Tips for Beginners. Start strong even if you’ve never sent a newsletter before or if you’re a brand new business with beginner-specific videos and tips.

👉 Time-saving Hacks. Save even more time with templates and smart repurposing. I’ll show you how.

👉 Segmenting for Sales. Learn how to set up your emails, so you can segment smarter and set yourself up for more successful promos.

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Can an email newsletter really help me sell my stuff?

Yep! In this workshop, you’ll learn a soft-sell strategy I’ve used in newsletters with conversion rates between 4.5-5%.

When do I get access to the workshop?

Immediately! After checking out, you’ll be redirected to the training videos.

How much time do I need to do the training and set up my automation?

This workshop is designed for speed. You can reasonably watch the videos, set up the automation skeleton, and plan your strategy in 1-2 hours. The time you need to write the emails varies depending on how much pre-existing content you can repurpose and your writing skills.

Do I need special tools to set up an automated newsletter?

Yes. You’ll need an account for an email service provider that supports automation (like ActiveCampaign). It’s not possible to use email automation without a tool like this.

Do I have to use ActiveCampaign?

Nope, you don’t have to. Though all the setup videos are taught inside ActiveCampaign, the strategies can be used with any email service provider that supports simple automation and tagging.

Your Instructor

Paige Swaffer
Paige Swaffer

Paige Swaffer is a certified funnel strategist, certified conversion copywriter, and founder of The Impact Copywriter. She helps businesses turn more strangers into subscribers, signups, and sales — ultimately, unlocking new levels of business growth. Paige has helped CEOs and entrepreneurs all over the world boost their sales with strategic sales funnels and conversion copywriting.